INVOLVE : Play.Earn & Be Involved

July 18, 2018

  “Involve” is known as the first cryptographic platform for mobile applications. Since it’s a combination of mobile market, robotization, crypto economy, thus it helps to engage in the relationship with all parties of the mobile applications market.   Nowadays robots and automation are developing the job market by taking over most of the jobs […]

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Read More : First Ads Free Web Service (Together We Change The Internet) !

July 15, 2018

  ONLINE IO (OIO) : People use internet regular and someone uses for their regular reasons. Some uses for personal reason or some uses it for business reasons. But it is needed to all of the internet users and the whole service providers in the internet. It is internet that is useful to all of […]

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July 14, 2018

INTRODUCTION TO PAYPORTAL   Payportal is an Indian payment platform that services people in general and the economical activities. Some people would be thinking that how its possible. But there is an option to get chance about  this. Payportal is a private company that connects people to the service providers and the general people. Because […]

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EtherInc : The Future of Organizations (Disrupting The Gaming Industries)

July 9, 2018

Intro: EtherInc or einc are designed to create unique protocols for the creation, management and launch of decentralized applications and organizations. The purpose of this solution is to enable entrepreneurs around the world to create and operate decentralized companies free of restrictions, costly and cross-border intermediaries. This joint approach will help to increase the value […]

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How to Get 100% Success in Your Life:

July 9, 2018

Friends My Greetings for Everyone. From my Leader i learn one thing; what good thing you know you share with others. To follow my leader today i start my shearing: Today’s topic is How to get 100% Success in your life. Yes it’s very urgent to know all of us the formula to get 100% […]

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ICO Review : Capital Technologies & Research

July 8, 2018

Capital Technologies & Research : Telecommunication Company in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Mehedinti, Romania         Hi Everyone, all we know today’s world is being very closer with the blessings of telecommunication and the smart internet connection system. It is very much possible that today’s communication is about private voice calling and messaging. From the […]

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INVOLVE | The Revolutionary Unique Crypto Platform For Mobile APPS.

July 7, 2018

Be INVOLVED with INVOLVE and Upgrade Your Adventure            INVOLVE – ICO Review: In recent time like this once large evolution of the net and mobile represent a major contribution to the worldwide trend of activities, individuals area unit finding it additional convenient, to manage no matter they’ll at […]

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July 5, 2018

    Now a days Crypto currency become the core part of financial exchange through the world.  And the world becomes so closer in an every option in financial sides. There are various financial platforms and some contain currency operations. Those are basically called currency exchanges. Global cryptocurrency trading is such like a platform that […]

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ICO REVIEW : IAC – International Auto Club

June 30, 2018

International Auto Club (IAC) : DECENTRALIZED MARKETPLACE WITH A MULTILEVEL CASHBACK     Introduce International Auto Club (IAC): It’s one of the biggest and driving g cashback benefit principally situated in Russia. IAC has just been actualize in 12000+offline stores with the manual arrangement of procurement. The administration is presently being utilized as a part […]

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INVOLVE : Earn While Playing. Mine While Gaming.

June 25, 2018

  INVOLVE : The Cryptographic Platform for Mobile Applications   Introduction: Hello Friends, Involve is a platform which working today but working for future big business market. Around the world we are fully dependent by technology but still working; in future we could depend for work on technology too. Involve find out the future and […]

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VERASITY : A next-generation video sharing platform for Everyone

June 21, 2018

Friends, wishing an excellent day to all. Today we share an exiting ICO review called VERASITY.     Think if your every days part of  entertainment bring you a smart earning; how do you feel about it! Yes whatever your role is, you may watch videos, may create video or content or preparing advertisement VERASITY […]

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SKYFchain : B2R Operating Platform

June 16, 2018

SKYFCHAIN IS THE FIRST B2R (BUSINESS-TO-ROBOTS) BLOCKCHAIN BASED OPERATING PLATFORM     The entire world is moving and growing quick with most recent innovation bolster. Robot is assuming primary part of it. SKYFchain is outstanding among other stage for most recent innovation apparatus robots blended with blockchain based working stage.     How SKYFchain Works: […]

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QURREX – The Next Generation Exchange with a Hybrid Architecture

June 11, 2018

  THE FIRST HYBRID CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE INTEGRATING INDUSTRIAL INFRASTRUCTURE OF TRADITIONAL STOCK EXCHANGES WITH DECENTRALIZED NETWORK   Hello My Dear Friends, There is a popular saying “Sign is Enough for the Intelligent”. I hope all you got the sign already what Qurrex is going and doing to be. Public Token sale just knocking our door […]

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