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As we all know that, in the market, liquidity is very much important and in the market participants, the driven movement is absolute news to the cryptocurrency market holders. In every sorts of market bids, the institutional liquidity does the absolute changes in the crypto world. On the other hand, all the markets are moving daily and the price movement is overdrawn.

Here, the XTRD team are trying to make changes to the technology to build more sustainable, smart and mature ways to the crypto markets. And the platform runs themselves by the name XTRD.IO



“I am positive about any forward-looking changes in the crypto industry. I am also excited about the opportunities XTRD may bring for the institutional trading”



XTRD is a suitable platform to carry a wall street technology to the cryptocurrency markets. It is a smart way of being connected between the financial people to the cryptocurrency people. In short, it is like a bridge to connect a relation between the financial people and the cryptocurrency people easily.

It is a great combination to the cryptocurrency markets and highly interested way to the financial persons to invest in the crypto world. When, it is far away from the financial people from the crypto currency persons, the people are getting involved in software, engineering and others but the crypto currency and the finance are always different. To access to the entire markets, XTRD members will be able to find extra facilities.





XTRD is not only bringing higher relations between the cryptocurrency peoples and the financial peoples but also making the global technological ecosystem and the technological support by accessing the facilities of below described :

Quick Jobs

XTRD’s database connections method commands as fast as anything on Wall Street. They’ve built improved databases all crosswise the United States that provide low dormancy demand finishing in the milliseconds.

Growths of Volatility

By selling or buying any products through the XTRD Pro, he product will be placed to the picker platform of XTRD. Sometimes it is valuable when placing the orders to the high price or the high variability in the markets.

Less of Fees

The trading in the Fix API splits order, the products are exchanged in a cheap reduced fees. Its also available in making high purchased product.

Beside these facilities, there are many of others important facilities that is related to the cryptocurrency world.




XTRD Token is absolutely bringing the best tools and the practices of finance to the cryptocurrency trading. Here is an easy system to get some features of the XTRD token.

Allowed Markdown

Users will get a 25% discount on all fees paid on XTRD Pro when they use the XTRD token to pay. Unlock the massive 40% discount when you have a monthly holding of 50k+ XTRD tokens.

Partial Mere Renaissance

These tokens are slowly rounded over the network and turned back into the XTRD Pro system that is being received by the XTRD owners. They use those tokens in various markets like primary and secondary markets for SPA liquidity.

Limited Token Generation

There is a limited time to take the tokens. When the time gets over, then, they don’t even accept the token generation.






The XTRD Platform is bringing the more and much valuable operating system for the end users and for all the external and internal users. There are some valuable products there for the users are described below :


This is an old and very known famous market connecting way to the crypto currency industries. The crypto exchange industries are making the connection to those major crypto currency industries. And, this will make a change to the crypto maker and the crypto world.

Single Point of Access ( SPA )

Here, the company is trading all in one account. This means, a single point of access they are making. Also, they are making the partnership with the crypto currency exchanges and making a horizon to the markets.


It is a downloadable site and like a solution to the scrappy markets. Users will be able to access all the crypto currency exchanges and all in their accounts from only one application.

It is a standalone platform for the  more profitable hotkeys and the custom orders and the consolidated booking.


For enabling fiat in crypto, the XTRD company tries to make the KYC in various countries like the UK, USA and the Hong Kong. Instead of paying the 12 % commission the users will need to pay 1 % through the XTRD Dark working. By this system, users will save millions of trading.




Q1 2018

Token Generation

Q1 2018


Q2 2018

XTRD Pro Alpha

Q2 2018

XTRD Dark Pool

Q3 2018

XTRD Pro Beta

Q4 2018

Single Point of Acces





Behind every successful company, there are obviously team contributions stays, also in the XTRD project, in the successful economical contribution, the company has a sweet team behind it. There are full of experiences, full of extraordinary contributions and hard working brains to make success for the company.



Mr. Alexander Kravets, the honorable CEO and Co-Founder of the group. There is a background in high regularity and patented day trading for over 12 years. He successfully thrown Sogotrade, a retail financing platform for over 100,000 clients. He is highly qualified in entrepreneurship, trading platforms, market structure, execution networks, algorithmic trading, execution systems, market data, operations, and sales.

All in these experienced person, the project is going to make rock and the markets of crypto currency is having the most respectful way to get connection to the crypto exchanges.


SERGII GULKO ( CTO and Co-Founder )

Founder of Axon Software, Mr. Sergii Gulko has spent over 11 years developing high frequency algorithmic models for hedge funds and broker/dealers in the US equity and Forex markets. Highly versed in FIX and other proprietary protocols, market data handlers, deployment and control of advanced hardware infrastructure systems specializing in low latency and network security. He is expert in colocation services, market data, execution, analytics.

In the successful brain, the project in their control should make place in the crypto currency exchange system.


JON GIACOBBE ( COO and Co-Founder )

6 years in finance, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan – Equity Derivatives, Structured Products, Market Liquidity, Senior Bank Debt, executed institutional client orders. Fox Business News weekly contributor and panelist on Money with Melissa Francis. Active entrepreneur, operated multiple businesses ranging from Subway franchises to FlyCleaners to Fencing in the Schools.

Hence, the optical system in the cryptocurrency exchange source is getting better response for the financial storing. That is going to happen quickly.



There are also others contributors like the economical and the advising sectors. Because, with the advises of the successful advisors and the workers, the company get broad in the market place.

There are some successful advisors in the company and they are :



Oleksandr is a co-founder and CEO at CEX.IO LTD, a successful holding company consisting of CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange and GHash.IO Mining Pool .

LEX SOKOLIN ( Advisor )

Sokolin was a founder and CEO of NestEgg Wealth, a roboadvisor that pioneered online wealth management in partnership with financial advisors, acquired by AdvisorEngine.


Addison is the Managing Partner and Media Director at Elevator Communications, LLC.

There are also others advisors and developers who have been working through years in the company for the successful revenue in the market and the crypto currency exchange system that is so important to the market.




Here, all the circumstances and the description stated above, the main conclusion goes for the project about the cryptocurrency and the financial statement about a relation or a connection between the financial person and the crypto currency persons. It is bringing confirmed economic technologies to the cryptocurrency market. This means higher fluidity, lower fees, and combined platforms. All over the world, the company work and the project is making their great for the financial and the cryptocurrency persons. In the same project, one can enjoy the facility of the crypto market and the operating markets and all over the system that finds the same tunic level to the users.

I, personally find it like a successful and great project in the crypto markets and the source like the investing platform. So, one can easily get the tokens by investing easily. Because, it is an easy, safe and secured way of making money online and saving millions of money too.


For More Details and Important Updates

Website: www.xtrd.io

White Paper: https://xtrd.io/xtrd_whitepaper.pdf

Latest community update: http://bit.ly/2kU8auz

Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x9c794f933b4dd8b49031a79b0f924d68bef43992

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xtradeio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xtradeio/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18273025

Bitcointalk pre TGE thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2720300.0

Telegram Community: https://t.me/xtradecommunity

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/xtradeannoucements

Medium: https://medium.com/@community.xtrd

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/XtradeIO

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38G24IeRuV8uCLz-dJJ3Uw


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