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Hello Friends, hope all you are very well. Today I am going to share a very important project about crypto marketing. MIB (Mobile Integrated Blockchain). The first decentralized blockchain based crypto mining that is making the world easy to share and spread about the crypto coins mobile mining.

There are crores of smartphone users are active daily in the world. They make their crypto expression normally and in a different way. But the crypto currency and the crypto mining should be the based service for the mining sectors to the new and only way to make the crypto coins active and ready. Thousands of crypto based operations are active in the system and the best ay to make the operation success, one should use the MIB crypto mining service.


Introduction to MIB

The crypto currency markets are daily serving the way to make the service ready to the general sectors and ready to make the operations soulful. MIB is a blockchain based platform that enables the service making the operation active.

Cryptocurrency takes life easy to mine the currency daily in a centralized way. But, the first decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain based mining platform is the new and only MIB coin. MIB coin is a coin created on the SmartX blockchain platform that is dedicated in mobile devices.


SmartX Blockchain Platform

Mobile Smart X Blockchain Platform is a mobile integrated blockchain (MIB) platform. The thing to do notice here is the Alphabet X. X has two meanings. The first meaning is the number 10. It contains MIB’s will to form a immaculate ecosystem where beginning and end are the same. The another means conclusion. It is a will to extensive the MIB’s own blockchain souk by operating and mounting various businesses.



Facilities of SmartX Blockchain Platform

  • Owing to not being a loyal mining machine, it is only mining on the smartphones.
  • At a time, it was not open for all, but now it is.
  • It’s most facilitated form is being the eco-friendly.
  • Though it is blockchain based but it’s not high costed.


Working Method

  • It can’t coalmine current ASIC and GPU approaches;
  • It is only available on smartphone;
  • Standard your smartphone and distribute a muddle amount;
  • It is considered so that your smartphone is gifted to bear the computational intricacy;
  • Required for mining and protect your smartphone from overheating and damaging the hardware.


  • It`s potential with one smartphone;
  • Compact power by 99.24% compared to existing mining machines;
  • Anyone can mine with a smartphone.


Facilities of MIB

Three main themes/facilities:

  • Cryptocurrency and Eco-friendly Energy;
  • Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform;
  • A feasible, Sequence-centric blockchain business.


System to get the facility

Three main themes:

  • Cryptocurrency and Eco-friendly Energy;
  • Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform;
  • A feasible, Sequence-centric blockchain business.


Coin Sale Option

Anyone may join the coin sale participation. But, childrens are not permitted. Furthermore, those who want to participate must confirm that they are suitable in their legal jurisdiction of residency will receive a 10% bonus in addition and the MIB Coin including the 10% will be paid in installments during the vesting period.

Overall, 14.16% of the coin are sold during ICO and Pre-Sales. Pre-Sale participants (It starts at 00:00, March 19, 2018 (UTC), and ends at 11:59:59, March 25, 2018 (UTC). Though, it will be automatically finished once the amount is shattered) .


Pre ICO ( Mar 19, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018 )


Public ICO ( Jul 20, 2018 – Aug 10, 2018 )

# 1 ETH = 1200 MIB




3rd Quarter 2017

∙ Blockchain R&D team created;

∙ Developed cryptocurrency trading engine and exclusive selling menu for the miners;

∙ Initial conceptualization of SmartX Blockchain Platform (SBP);


4th Quarter 2017

∙ SBP project planning and research on technical aspects;

∙ Formed a dedicated team for the MIB Coin project (SBP-based) and completed conceptualization;

1st Quarter 2018

∙ Release white paper;

∙ Official MIB Website;

∙ Team reinforcement;

∙ Pre-Sales;

∙ Upgrade SBP development;


2nd Quarter 2018

∙ ICO;

∙ Expert MIB Website;

∙ Smart Mining Android & iOS beta version Test;

∙ MIB Blockchain API Center Open;


3rd Quarter 2018

∙ Main network release;

∙ Go public with mining-pool client;

∙ Go public with smart mining application;

∙ List cryptocurrency on major exchanges;

∙ MIB Coin mining begins;

∙ Support master node community;

∙ Add CtoC Trading service;

∙ Add Coin Send & Money Transfer;


4th Quarter 2018

∙ Establish SBP R&D center for enhancement;

∙ Open Platform Develop Center for ecosystem expansion;

∙ Support issuance of functional token and technical investment;



Meet the Core Team Of MIB

This is really a great invention like the MIB . It already has been popular to the people who are cryptolover and to the crypto currency world. It obviously a great job to make change to the world. Behind the success, all of the core members are cordially thanked. Best wishes for them.


Jaden Park

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

CEO of the development of block chains and virtual currency exchanges of in the MIB Major network servicer experts in the field of online and mobile gaming for 20 years. Mobile game consultant in Excite Portal in Japan. FPS Game Dispath of Army Reaches 10 Million Users in Asia. Infograms Worms World party, operation flash point battle net.


Tracy JI

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Economics Bachelor`s, UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles)  AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountant) Finance Team of AICPA, IBM Public policy Analyst, Google Inc Local area Network community, AICPA-present.

Honorable advisors are always be supportive to a successful company/project. There is obviously a part and parcel relationship to the core team with the advisors. Here are the honorable and most respectable advisors are :


Kyungsook Ahn

Technical Advisor

Consultant from NIPA – Present IT consultant from Ministry of Education, Costa Rica Government Project & R&D Specialist to KDI Researcher of Nongshim Data System Sogang Business School (Graduate Program), Sogang University Visual Design Bachelor’s, Kookmin University .


Yung Joo Han

Legal Advisor

EJI Law Group Lawyer

Graduation from Busan National University Law.


Jongho Park

Technical Advisor

Metallurgical Materials Engineering Bachelor`s, Yonsei University Chairman’s Secretary was ISU Chemical Tiger Pools’s(Sport TOTO) Strategy Planning Department Director Netian’s(portal site) Strategy Planning Department Director Picoentech’s Vice president – Present.




From starting to end, the most valuable topic of a company is to face the financial sectors and to face the opportunity to help the people. Here, the MIB coin is making a great change to the crypto mining world. This is a blockchain based crypto mining that will help people a lot.

With all good wishes and thanking to the core team to make such like a great chance to shine in future and all the advisors to support heart and soul. Wishing a Successful journey of MIB COIN.


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