Hello Friends, Here today the topic is going to prove itself about a new and update project that will be very interesting to you. Its about Bounty Hunters.

Bounty Hunters is a mechanical influencer marketing platform and bounty programs managing service. It’s goal is to rejoice your business growth and learn great ideas which can be voiced through the company’s brilliant bloggers and influencers to the target audience. It’s founded on blockchain technology. The stage aims to help start-ups, ICO projects, and prevailing companies to rise alertness of its own product in the market and to rise the number of important discussions in social networks and focused marketing, PR channels, and blogs.



Content Monetization:

It will help to monetize the social media actions in a suitable way. With Bounty Hunters platform users will have access to numerous bounty operations and marketing errands on one ease-to-use website. Get rewarded for shares, posts, tweets, blog posts, YouTube content, translations and much more.


Automatic Payout:

Our podium helps to avoid payment stays. Payouts and rewards supplies occur on a monthly basis within 7 days of a movement ends.


Increased coverage of a target audience:

It produces the ability, in the shortest possible time, to entice a new audience and to present a brand to a wide but targeted community.


Saved time and resources:

Because of the full mechanization of the processes and mechanical following of actions and payments.



The platform algorithms deliver full slide for your variety, partner accounts quality and their overall recital in the sales funnel. Bounty Hunters platform transmits out verification of each account in the social networks, analyses the possible efficiency of all chosen trackers activity and actual operation output.




Most of the platform of online companies have some exceptional specialties. Here are some also specialties in the Bounty Hunters company that can be to solve the internal or external problems like these:

  • Problem : High financial cost and time investments of marketing campaigns :

Solution : Use professional automated service.

  • Problem : Hunter’s activities evaluation :

Solution : Built in verifying and rating system

  • Problem : Lock of standardized contacts :

Solution : Blockchain based environment with built in smart contracts .



Main activities:

  • Sharing content
  • Re-posts on Twitter / Facebook
  • Creating news, articles, post on Facebook, VK, Twitter, Bitcointalk
  • Likes
  • Activities in discussion groups, forums
  • Work with subscribers in a telegram chat rooms and channels
  • Tagging and hash tagging
  • Writing blog posts or articles on owned or third-party sites, media.


Custom activities:

  • Translation of content
  • Writing specialized documents (white paper, reviews, analytical reviews, etc.).
  • Subscription in newsletters, etc.
  • Video recording
  • Writing SEO / SMO content
  • Lead generation



The token price

The value of the token at the time of the crowd sale will be 1 HNTR = 0.5$. The final cost of the token as a market asset couldn’t be determined at the moment because these indices are affected by many factors including supply and demand for the token, trading volumes, news and media factors (news about the development of our project), correlation factors related to the development of the crypto industry as a whole and to the indicators of other popular currencies.



The platform works in a beta testing mode and already is generating profit.


Plans for 2018:

1st quarter:

  • Crypto- and tokenized framework integration.
  • Creation and audit of smart contracts.
  • Attracting an array of new infl uencers.
  • Integration with WeChat, Snapchat, Telegram.
  • Launch of the rating system.
  • Deep integration with Facebook API, Twitter API for further analytics calculations of each social account.
  • Intellectual property protection (patent and copyright for the development and brand name).
  • Launch of paid channels to attract the target audience (infl uencers and new companies) in – Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Facebook Target, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Modify cation of interfaces and UX adjustment.

2nd quarter:

  • Integration of deep analytical tools and advanced calculation of metrics and conversions.
  • Multi-localization and multi-language support.
  • Global marketing and PR campaign.
  • Involvement of large brands and agencies.






There is obviously a great thinking behind the project that is so valuable. And, with the project the project members are very connected to the platform. Without their sacrifices, it would not be possiblrto feel a dream to make Bounty Hunters. Here are the important persons :

Richard Trummer (Advisor)

Experienced ICO Advisor, blockchain investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Passionate about decentralization and bringing more oppportunities to the masses.

Andrei Ivanouski (Chief Technology Officer)

Andrei Ivanouski is a man in the middle between Web and Blockchains. He designs solutions and executes upgrades to provide win-win stategies based on the unique paradigm of Blockchain.

Saypulla Sheykhanov (Software developer)

Saypulla even at school was a winner of programming Olympiads. He graduated with honors from Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.





The platform is making a change in the blockchain technology. And in the online sectors, it will be a easy and absolute correct way for the bounty and crypto worker, general internet users to make money online.

Besides that, this platform is not just an idea, It is fully tested and working service. So, the platform invites people to join them and to the influencers.


For more information please view the important links below to get proper access :

Web :

Bitcointalk :

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Telegram :



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