Introduction : 

This is a very important topic to discuss with you about a new cryptocurrency and block chain based mining operation that is called Bit Miner Factory.

Bit Miner Factory is a farm where systems are used to endure more than 1,000 mining rigs, with its committed electrical groundwork and leveraging their skill in mining and renewable energy through their ICO – Initial Contract Offering.

BMF wants to allow everyone to participate in their project, by purchasing their token. It is a mining contract, that allows anyone to benefit from the production of their mining rigs and renewable energy plants.


BMF Mining Farm

BMF is running over 1000 Miners in our Mining Farm and in 3 Mobile Mining Units in Calenzano (Florence, Italy) powered by 1.2 MW and 20 Full Time Team members.


BMF Token

BMF token gives its owner the right to a serving of the overall profits of the Mining Operations installed and driven by Bitminer Factory through the earnings grown from this sale. BMF is a Tokenized Mining Contract that every owner can sell to third parties. BMF token owners can exercise their rights with respect to Bitminer Factory based on their Terms of Sales, published on the website.



BMF Token’s Usefulness

  • One can CLASP them: This will permit user to receive serving of the Net Result annually in ETH, and user will have fortunate access to the London AIM stock exchange IPO that BMF is planning to launch in 3 years.
  • User can CRAFT them: User can sell BMF tokens on crypto exchanges or ask Bitminer Factory to buy them back. User can take part in BMF’s BuyBack Plan, which means Bitminer Factory will buy user’s BMFs back with a quarterly schedule at an gradually higher price.


ICO ( Initial Contract Offering ) Structure :

Token Allocation :

  • Bounty 2% ● Management 10% ● Token Holder 88%


Use of Proceeds > $20 M :

  • Energy Projects* 30% ● R&D 2% ● Fees 2.5%
  • Mining Equipment 60 % ● Marketing 3.5% ● Infrastructure 2%


Use of Cash Flow from Operations :

  • Reinvestment 20% ● Token Holder 80%
  • Available to Token holders 75% ● O&M & Overheads 7.5%
  • R&D 2.5% ● Electricity 15%


Facilities from Bit Miner ICO

  1. RENEWABLE ENERGY : projects to produce clean electricity and constant income
  2. MINING FARM : to produce cryptocurrencies
  3. DASHBOARD APP : to track mining results and manage your BMF token
  4. VAULT : securely store your cryptos
  5. EXPONENTIALLY GROWING REVENUES : through Reinvestment
  6. CUSHION EFFECT : through investment in safe renewable energy projects



Operation locations :

Bitminer Factory will operate in three different countries. Italy, Switzerland and Bosnia.

  1. Italy :
  • Italian Engineering, Management & Quality ;
  • Developed and constant Economy ;
  • Co-location with Biomass and Hydro Power Plants ;
  1. Switzerland :
  • Financial Services expertise ;
  • Crypto-friendly regulatory environment
  1. Bosnia :
  • Friendly, rapidly growing country in Balkan Europe ;
  • Fixed local currency to EUR exchange rate ;
  • Cheap Electricity Prices (0.05€/kWh) ;
  • Availability of Hydro and Solar Projects ;


BMF Using Procedure : 

Anyone can Trade, Use or Sell Back to Bit Miner factory their BMF Token .

  • Yearly expenditures in cryptos ;
  • AIM Listing ;
  • Buyback plan ;
  • Exchanges .




It’s a great news that Private Sale successfully completed on 20 June 2018 with over $1M BMF tokens sold. We are running a Pre-ICO until 20 July 2018 and launching the ICO on 21 July until 30 September 2018.



25th May

Start ICO Private Sale : 20 % discount .

20th June

18 % discount

20th July

12 % discount

20th August

6 % discount

20th September

30th September

End Of ICO

BMF issued and listed on exchanges.




Behind the project, there is a big dream that is making the project successful to proceed. There is obviously also a big team that is helping to make dream true.



Gabriele Angeli ( Founder, Operation )

Gabriele Angeli, Founder, has a longstanding experience as a general contractor in the Oil&Gas and renewable energy industry, where his family business, Angeli Group ( has been working for large corporates worldwide for over 50 years. Driven by his passion for videogaming, Gabriele founded with Gabriele Stampa Bitminer Factory, the largest mining operator in Italy. They now have the most appropriate experience to run the BMF ICO: over 18 months of hands-on business experience selling and operating Miners for both private and business Clients in Calenzano (Forence, Italy).


Gabriele Stampa ( Founder, Sales )

Gabriele Stampa is a Web Marketing Manager & Web Project Manager, skilled in multimedia and internet project development. He has a consolidated and global knowledge of the web and the strategies of web marketing; he is acquainted with the E-Business and the best practices for the start-up, growth, management and integrations of business projects on new media and internet.

There are more than partners, advisors and 20 full time members and many more in the team. BMF wants to thank all of them for their fantastic job they do everyday at the Bitminer Factory.



There is obviously the perfect operation behind the project. Because it is one of the greatest projects in the world which is having the more and more facilities for the mining world. Crypto mining world and crypto mining lovers are getting facilitated from the crypto world that is so useful to feel. Here, the project is as much loving to the Bit Miner token holders and for the general users of the world. The world is getting a new and update renewable energy processing through the BIT MINER FACTORY.

I wish a long term variety to the general user of the crypto lover and mining platforms that is having the great issue to make the certain change with the blessing of the BIT MINER FACTORY.


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