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“Involve” is known as the first cryptographic platform for mobile applications. Since it’s a combination of mobile market, robotization, crypto economy, thus it helps to engage in the relationship with all parties of the mobile applications market.

Nowadays robots and automation are developing the job market by taking over most of the jobs in near future. Such examples we have seen like automatized cars and retail stores without human workers. As a result, according to the current studies, people worldwide are likely to lose their jobs in next 5-10 years. By 2021 the USA 6% jobs will be replaced by robots. Approximately 20% of the jobs in the world will disappear in the next 10-20 years.



According to Jane McGonigal, American game designer and Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, ‘people are now spending more than 3 billion hours playing video games weekly’. Besides, the number is growing higher and higher every year. It has been realized that roughly 40-50% of the time is dedicated to mobile games.

According to the information, Android controls globally and IOS gets the second prize. “IOS has 33.6% market share in the U.S., where Android controls 62.8% of the American market. Android additionally rules internationally with almost 85% of the world’s smartphone users while the iOS holds 13.1%.

However, the situation on the mobile storage market is a bit modified in China. China attains for more than 30 % of the world’s smartphone users and 3/4 of these favors Android. Hence Android devices produce most of the revenue of mobile gaming.


Main Principles of Involve:

Since few countries will provide their citizens with free money to support their needs and sustain living of unemployed, an idea of Involve platform came up. The main task of the project is to give people the opportunity to use themselves, providing them with a wide range of mobile applications, which will reward users for every second spent in the application. The user is rewarded with coins, mined according to Proof-of-time protocol in our brand-new blockchain.


A simple and unsophisticated solution has been proposed in which everyone can contribute and make money according to their efforts. A user can become a partial or complete winner of the players. The Involve platform for mobile applications will be downloaded for free, providing unlimited access to all types of applications. Our idea is to create an ecosystem, in which mobile device developers add their mobile applications and all users become members of the same universe. Every hour of play (or using the application) each player will be rewarded with ICoin, which will be stored in the crypto wallet.

The Involve ecosystem is unique like a unicorn, which never existed until it came up with an idea of it. It managed to combine all the best ideas and put it together in one project. Through this users can become investors; investors can become users and so on. It has managed to find the perfect stability when people can earn playing, investing, holding or developing.

Involve platform is designed in a way to create a long run and bring financial stability for every gamer. Therefore every single token holder will be rewarded from the platform’s revenue and the profits will be distributed for every token holder quarterly and it starts as soon as platform runs. The size of reward will rely on the size of the holder’s stake in ITokens.



ICoin (IQO coin) and IToken (IQO token):

ICoin is the cryptocurrency, which is mined by the gamers according to the Proof-of-Time protocol. The total number of ICoins is limited to 500 000 000 000. ITokens can be purchased during the Pre-ICO and ICO stages. Then it will be distributed among our investors who supported the platform. The supply of IToken is limited to 9 100 000 0


The platform: Our platform will take 10% commission from all games and in-game revenue associated with 30% that developers usually pay to Google Play or App Store.

Marketplace: ICoin will be the currency for a virtual marketplace in the mobile platform. This marketplace provides gamers to trade directly with each other using ICoins.

Voting service: Our platform is based on the source stating that everyone has equal rights. Occasionally, a number of games will be listed where these will be available for crowdfunding and gamers will choose which they prefer. Games, which need a donation, will be posted at crowdfunding section, where everyone can participate and finance developers using their coins.

Crowdfund service: Gaming investors will receive in-game tokens, which they can then sell to users with significant margin. The process of selling of received tokens will be automatic, investors will only need to decide when to process.



Include stage is outlined in an approach to make a long run and bring money related soundness for each gamer. Subsequently each and every token holder will be remunerated from the stage’s income and the benefits will be dispersed for each token holder quarterly and it begins when stage runs. The extent of reward will depend on the span of the holder’s stake in ITokens.





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