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People use internet regular and someone uses for their regular reasons. Some uses for personal reason or some uses it for business reasons. But it is needed to all of the internet users and the whole service providers in the internet. It is internet that is useful to all of it’s users and the system operators. Because it connects all of the users and the social connectors. The internet is used by some regular options of the people. But the problem someone faces that is some ad problem. With this one, there are some others problems that people face. Advertisements, viruses, malwares and the operating problems. There is obviously a great system that connects using the most and safe way to reduce all of this problems. And that is Online IO in short OIO.





The internet users and the general web users are regularly using the internet for their purposes. The level is being increased by them and the web hosting companies are being featured by the internet users. The problem is faced mostly about the ads and the malwares by the big and famous internet companies which is so painful to the internet users. Because the internet should be free using. That is in free on OIO service which included an ad free internet browsing and the most preferable, safe and secured online internet service. There are many others facilities in OIO service.



Many other internet companies are trying to have their access to the users and all internet browsers. As, the internet users and the browsers are not able to have any personal data or security safe then the OIO service is trying to make the users available to access. But yet, there might be others features that you can’t imagine :




There are some internet companies which want to be the approaching media and to disturb the internet users. Most of the time, there are some users who feels problem in browsing time. There are also have the same system that is so uneasy to the users and that is the ad problem. This is so unexpected to the users because, it wastes the browsing time and which is valuable. Most of the time, the users got angry and so, the works got finished with no betterment. OIO restrics this problem and solves with fully anti-ad service and the anti-malware service and all attacking sources that makes your browsing experience happy.



People in general and other internet users can become very anxious when the browsing got slow due to the internet malwares, viruses and the internet advertisements. There are also some problems having during the internet. But, OIO is making internet users satisfied by providing the best internet service that people can’t even imagine. It makes your internet browsing faster than before with an anti-ad, anti-virus and anti-malware service.



The OIO website will provide a full sectioned marketplace where people can buy the services. It will contain the detailed information of the user that regarding international group of partners will also be available.



The internet users are browsing internet day by day. The most and famous internet companies are trying to make the internet easy to the users. They made an option to vote to the website based on user’s experience. The user might vote towards the website on the level of trust and the system contains on the secured level and the whole system upon fabulous trust depends on the user. So, it is simple that the user would the same direction that they need and the system follows and at the level to trust on. There is a similar option for the OIO service that is voting. User will vote as they browse to the website and mark a star between 1 to 5. Then, the website will be trusted or not to the internet users.



There are the internet users who are in internet all day long. The main reason are various. But, here OIO token is for those people who wants to remove the internet disturbing forever. Yes, OIO token will solve that. Which is only at $0.004.


The users of internet communications are bit busy to communicate with each others all day long but if there is any chance to get any offer then who doesn’t accept that . Yes, here is the token service for the OIO industry/website for the customers. Here are the offers :

June 15th – June 19th – 25% Bonus

June 20th – June 24th – 20% Bonus

June 25th – June 29th – 15% Bonus

June 30th – July 4th – 10% Bonus

July 5th – July 9th – 5% Bonus

July 10th – July 31st – No Bonus

Now, based on your browsing experience, you may decide that which one is suitable for you. Be ready for the part.




The idea first appeared in June


1st Quarter


Studying blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective

Risk analysis, associated with blockchain

Starts the development for the TGE Website & Platform


2nd phase of research completed


Whitepaper published

Development finished for the test network and base contracts code

Development finished for user API

Development starts for data aggregation and financial dispatcher

Smart contract development starts

UI design finished

Private TGE sales starts

TGE platform beta version


2nd Quarter


TGE platform published accepting user registrations

Malware protection development starts

User validation development starts

Online time tracking development finished


Chrome and Firefox browser extensions development starts

Web dashboard for OIO token owners development starts

ICE token distribution algorithm implemented


TGE starts

Malware protection beta

User validation beta

Private cloud beta, guardian script beta

Wallet development starts


3rd Quarter


Chrome and Firefox browser extensions beta

ICE token smart contract published

Web dashboard for OIO token owners release

Private cloud release

Guardian script release


Beta version of web dashboard for OIO and ICE token owners release

Chrome and Firefox Browser extensions release


Wallet beta release


4th Quarter


Web dashboard for OIO and ICE token owners release


Mobile applications development starts



1st Quarter


Marketplace architecture

API SDK for custom integrations architecture


Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions architecture


API SDK for custom integrations release

Wallet additional security features


2nd Quarter


Marketplace beta release


Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions beta release


3rd Quarter


Marketplace release


4th Quarter


Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions release




The world is being closer in many ways that people can’t even imagine. In the digital world, none want to be the last. So, in the competition, the internet users are at the front stages. But, if there happens any problem in them that is the browsing lose. Because, the internet companies try to make break in the browsing of the internet users. All of the services are getting faster than faster. So, if the internet becomes slow, it is really painful for the user. The OIO service has made the syetem easy for the internet user and the whole world, the system is increasing day by day. It makes a  ad free, malware free and faster browsing experience. The people of internet becomes satisfied with the OIO service. I, personally suggest the internet users to use OIO for best internet service and feel the magic of Internet forever.



The team behind solution forms a unique blend of
successful entrepreneurs, tech and business talent


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